How to become a Coach for Ergonomics ?

You want to apply ergonomical priciples to your work environment in order to create healthier workplaces and train your colleagues?
We will adapt our workshops according to your individual needs and experience.

Advice on the Purchase of Office Furniture and Input Devices

The market for so called ergonomical input-devices or office furniture is difficult to comprehend. We offer professional, evidence-based guidance for purchasing departments. As a result, your company is empowered to make the right choices for your employees.

How to organise and evaluate a Health Day!

  • Analysis of Health Indicators
  • Communication Strategy
  • Examples, Evaluation, Data Protection

Health Promotion

  • Prevention of Diabetes
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Cancer Prevention

Psychological and occupational risk assessment

Occupational risk assessment is the basis on which to initiate a tailored strategy for your company.
However, in practice, it’s much more complicated than expected; starting from data protection, to the choosing of the right questions for the specific working environment and the communication and implementation of the findings.
This workshop is only on offer for companies who are serviced by us, as one needs to consider many details and inside information, prior to advising in this sensitive area.

Occupational Safety

  • Checks for work tools such as ladders etc.
  • Training and Education for your Fire Protection-, Divisional Safety- or Hazardous Substances- Officers

We will adapt the workshop to your needs.